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Journey Through The Bible

Good day friends! If you have been with me since the start of my weekly blog devotions, you will remember that we journeyed through the Bible together for 406 days from September 2017 until October 2018. I pleased to announced my first book, Journey Through The Bible, a culmination of all the entries of those posts.

Scripture says over and over again that ‘the word of God is alive and active.: (Hebrews 4:12) Yes, we may know how powerful God’s word is, but are we reading it?

Have you wever wanted to read the Bible through in its entirety but felt overwhelmed? Do you question where to start? If you said yes, you are not alone. So many people are kept from reading the Bible through for these reasons. That’s why I want to share this book with everyone. To encourage everyone to be in the Bible. I believe the chronological order of the readings will make the timeline clearer and the daily points of interest will allow people to focus on the important points while overcoming the parts that may bog them down.

With 20 minutes each day for 58 weeks, you will not only read through the Bible in its entirety but you will have embarked on a life changing journey.

Please see the book trailer video below:

Join me for the Book Launch on Feb. 22, 2020 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Keep watch for other Book Sales and Signings in Southern Ontario.

Or check out Friesenpress Bookstore at https://books.friesenpress.com/store for hardcopy (soft or hard cover) and e-book versions.

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