Beautiful feet…and hands and voices…

feetHi Friends! I pray your week and weekend went well. Thanks for gathering with me today. Do you have your morning coffee?

I’ve been thinking…. As I prepared and reflected upon the story of the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but reflect upon the faith story of my family, especially as I live with part of me in the heavenly realm due to the passing of most of those loved ones who raised me; my parents and my sister.

In Romans 10:15 it states, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”At first glance, we can thank our pastors for proclaiming the grace of God and our salvation through Christ, and that is the constant proclamation we can depend on. However, in looking back over the faith story of the Fyfe family – my maiden name-  I am so thankful for the feet and hands and voices and actions of those in my life that shone as Christ’s light and brought my family to know the Lord, as is referred to in Matthew 5:16 which  proclaims, “… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Let me share…

My Mom was 16 years old when she married my Dad, and gave birth to my sister, Carol, before she turned 17. Carol and I are 18 years apart, with three brothers in between.

My family, from what I was told, were not church goers, and although my mom had said she grew up in the church, the first four kids were not raised to know Jesus and His love. It was my sister who, as a teenager, joined a friend to a youth group event, and then a church service. I remember my sister saying, “I just wanted what she had.” I do not know who that friend was, but I am thankful she was the person whose beautiful feet and friendship lead my sister, and ultimately our whole family, going on 4 generations now, to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Fyfe family Due to age of photo there is discolouring especially under the eyes. Please disregard
It was my sister’s thankfulness and love of Jesus, that brought my eldest brother, Billy, 13 months my sister’s junior, to come to the Lord and be baptized only  a short time before he was killed in a car accident. It was my sister’s commitment to attend worship service that was the encouragement to get my Mom attending worship and participating in the choir. My Dad would not attend. Then my next eldest brother began attending youth, and both brothers were baptized. Finally, I came along. I was then baptized, as was my whole household by then – except Dad. I was the only infant baptism and am thankful to have had the Holy Spirit dwell in my heart for as long as I can remember.

Finally, twenty years later, having raised 5 children, being empty-nesters and enduring a few heart attacks, my Dad began attending church dinners with mom, then worship services and just two years before the day he passed from this life to eternity, he was baptized and professed his faith in Christ. It was the first time my sister and I ever sang formally together and boy were we rejoicing that day. I have learned God is very patient!

As I endure the departure of my loved ones, I am so thankful for the beautiful feet of that friend, my sister, my Mom who taught me and brought me to know and seek the assurance of the most precious gift of salvation that we have in Christ. Only in Him am I assured that Heaven is my ultimate destination and that all these loved ones will be there when I get there. I can’t wait to see them again. In the same way, may my feet, words, and actions bring the message of salvation for all my loved ones and those souls the Lord places in my path.

This week and always, may our feet be beautiful… and hands and voice… God’s blessings to you as you shine his light, my friends!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank-you for those people you have put in my life that have brought me to know you and your saving love for me. Help me to have beautiful feet … and hands and voice… that brings and shares and lives your Good news to all of my loved ones and to those whom you put in my life that we may all be with you when our earthly life has ended and that we may see each other again. In Jesus’ Name I pray. AMEN!

Reflection: Think back on your life of faith. Can you think of who shared the saving news of Jesus with you first?… those who have been instrumental in your Christian life? If they are still living, perhaps you can send them a note: call, text, message, email…., to let them know how paramount they were in your life and/or thank them for having ‘beautiful feet’.

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