Life: God vs the World

Hi Friends! I pray your week and weekend went well! It’s always nice having a shortened work week, as it was in Canada this past week. For those of you who had to work on Thanksgiving, thank-you for your sacrifice and for serving your community!

Today is our eldest child’s birthday….          Happy 26th Birthday Andy!Happy Birthday 2

I love Birthdays! So many people say, “Oh, it’s no big deal. My birthday is just another day.” Well, it’s not just another day; It’s the day the Lord blessed this world with you! It’s the day God blessed each parent with their precious bundle of life. For me, it is the day – three of them in fact- that God blessed me with a love that is felt deep within my soul, and the births of my children have changed my life forever.


Today, as our family celebrates Andy’s Birthday, let me share a faith story surrounding my pregnancy with him and the faith lessons learned.

Top up your coffee and get comfy….


(oh, men and/or those of you who have wheezy tummy’s at the thought of verbalized pregnancy realities, beware….)

Life: God vs the World

[Jesus said,] “For where two or three are gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

Getting pregnant was not the easiest thing for my husband and me. Although we did get pregnant eventually, it took many, many months. I became one with my internal cycle and, as each month passed, had my husband on an increasingly strict ovulation schedule. Well, needless to say, when I did become pregnant the first time, I was over the moon. I was ecstatic!! …Until the start of my fourth month, when I began bleeding quite heavily.

My husband, Rick, and I were spending time with my parents at their home-on-the-lake, when it began. Once I discovered what was happening, Rick and I rushed to the nearest hospital which was about 30 minutes away. While with the doctors and nurses, we were told that, although it hadn’t happened yet, the cramping would come and I would miscarry. They suggested they do the D&C right away. I was confused because we had just heard the heart whisking away, so we knew the baby was still alive. However, they

stethoscopreinsisted I prepare for the surgery. I was in a whirlwind, not because of the idea of going into surgery, but because the medical professionals were unanimous on the decision to remove this life from me. At the age of 22, I realized for the first time in my life that I must choose between earthly authority and Godly authority, because all earthly authorities do not always follow God’s guidelines and will. So, in the midst of this battle between what seemed like an army of giants and this very young couple, I requested an ultra-sound in order to see the baby. Thankfully they obliged, but with the warning that seeing ‘it’ won’t change anything. (Now please understand, I love our healthcare system and I am so thankful for our doctors and nurses. However, the teachings on life, as practiced by much of the mainstream medical system is not based on God’s will for life, at point of conception. Also, from their experience, the percentage of pregnancies miscarrying in the same type of situation as mine may be quite high, so they were making their decisions on past experience and practice.)




Well, when we saw that tiny little body, which simply looked like a teeny weeny egg shape with four tiny sticks coming from it, and heard the heartbeat which remained constant and strong, I was ready to resist the world and save that life that was still growing and alive inside me. I told them I was not having the D&C and was to be discharged. Much to their disapproval, the medical staff gave me the warnings to stay in bed and to meet with my family doctor as soon as possible, which I did the following day, after journeying the two hours to get home from the hospital. My doctor agreed that I should remain on bed rest for the duration of the bleeding and beyond. It was a total of about five weeks that I did nothing, physically. Emotionally that was a different story!

prayerDuring those five weeks, I clung to prayer and God’s almighty hand to be upon our baby. We held fast to God’s promise that “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” We prayed for our baby together daily. Although that was the first time we’d ever done that, except at meals, it became a routine that was repeated multiple times daily. We held hands and cried our petitions to the Lord. We prayed for the baby’s health and for peace for my mind and body, as my stress and anxiety would only add to any stress that the baby was under already. We prayed and prayed and prayed.

My husband, a man with a quiet faith, not overly emotional, with a rugged temperament of a true redhead, did everything to keep me from having to get out of bed. He even carried our huge console television, which was bigger than a full-size dishwasher and as heavy and awkward as one too, up two stories of stairs and then lifted it up onto a tallboy dresser, just so that I could have something to watch and do while lying in bed. (Oh to have had then the technology we have now.) His faith and trust in the Lord and his commitment to me and his unborn child was beyond words. Through my precious husband, God granted me peace and patience.

Finally, the bleeding subsided. It had lasted about 4 weeks and I was well into my fifth month before I was given the okay to return to work and normal living. On Oct. 16, 1991 a beautiful baby boy was born.

During those weeks of not knowing whether our child would live or not, our lives changed: we’d cancelled a dream vacation that we had booked before I had known I was pregnant, we grew to know what it means to depend on God and that there are so many things we cannot control, we trusted in God’s presence, promises and providence that if something was wrong with the baby and He took him home we trusted Him, but fervently prayed that if the baby was well and healthy, that He please let him live. We also learned the importance of learning God’s will so that we can stand firm when the world, Satan and our own selves want to tell us something else. I learned that there is a war going on, a spiritual war, and it means life or death, and that we can’t ultimately depend on those in earthly authority to protect us or do what’s best for us, we need to know for ourselves God’s will, so we can stand up to it for our children’s sake. We have lives to protect and guide.

Bible2I didn’t know a lot of the Bible at the time of this situation, but I did know of God’s love for me in Jesus, that eternity was mine, that each life was precious right from conception, and that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, and that he is present where two or more are gathered in his name… and a few other promises. It was these few pieces of knowledge and scripture that the Holy Spirit used to give us hope, comfort and conviction in God’s presence with us and our baby. It was also knowing God’s love for life and His precious human creations that I was not going to let anyone take my baby from this earth except God alone. Therefore, I urge you to begin or continue reading the scriptures, to learn of His promises, His instructions to live a Godly and peaceable life. For if I hadn’t known that and I had listened to ‘the world’, my precious bundle would have been snuffed out. Thanks be to God  that He has given us his instructional manual for our life, now and in eternity!… and Thanks be to God for Birthdays!!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank-you so much for the gift of life! Thank-you for knowing the unborn; you have created them and knit them together in their mothers’ wombs. Help us to care for our children, born or yet unborn, according to your will and that they grow in the knowledge and truth of your love and salvation for them in Christ Jesus. May we celebrate the birthdays of those we love as a thanksgiving to you for the blessing they are in our life. Finally, help me to grow in Your Word, that I may learn and take to heart your Words and promises. In the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus! AMEN!

Reflection: Have you stopped to think about all the guidance and support God’s instructions and law have provided you in your life’s decisions. Try to make a list. Then give thanks for his law and promises, and for the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Finally, thank God for your day of birth. God created you to be a blessing, with a combination of gifts and abilities unique only to you. On your birthday, let those who love you celebrate the blessing you are to them and, in humility, thank God for his blessings and great love for you. In the same way, take time to acknowledge the birthdays of those in your life and give thanks to God for them.

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