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Good day friends! I pray your week and your weekend went well!

As Mother’s day approaches, I begin to think of all the wonderful women in my life; my daughter, my girlfriends, the amazing women in my church, the women that affected my husband’s life to be the man he is. I also think of those that have passed on, especially my sister and my Mom.

My Mom passed away from cancer on Thursday, August 11, 2005. She was 72 years old and I was 36 years of age. She loved crafts and shopping, which are traits that are characteristic of my daughter and a couple of my nieces, which is very heart warming. My Mom also loved the Lord. She wasn’t a theologian and she wasn’t perfect, but she trusted that in Christ she was redeemed and going to spend eternity with her Lord in heaven. I think too that she was excited to see her son, my brother, who also had passed on due to a car accident around the age of 21 approximately 34 years earlier.

Yes, I think often of my Mom and the life she had and the pain and sorrow she endured. During my lifetime, my Mom clung to her Lord, especially after my brother’s passing and that faith took her home, and I have no doubt that in heaven my Mom and Dad and brother and sister have been reunited. What hope and comfort the thought of such a reunion is for me, for all of us, especially as we are faced with the reality of our final days.

The final faith story I received regarding my Mom, and my assurance that she is where we believe our faith in Christ takes us, is one of joy and hope, and one I will always remember. It is as follows…

On the day of my Mom’s funeral – Saturday, August 13, 2005 – while I was waiting in the church prior to the funeral, a church elder, who had also been a close friend of mine in our youth days, took me aside. He said he had something he wanted to share with me. It turned out that two nights ago, while he was sleeping, he had a dream. In his dream, he was walking through the entry foyer of the church and he saw my Mom sitting on a chair there. chairAs always, they greeted each other with hellos. He then asked, “What are you doing here Marie? Church isn’t for a while.” She looked up at him and said, ” I’m waiting to go home.” At that moment, he was startled awake with the ring of the telephone. Without question he knew why he was receiving a call so early in the morning. He picked up the receiver, and as expected, it was Pastor calling him and all the elders to share the news that Marie Fyfe had passed on.

church8That story has brought me much comfort during many days: days where I especially miss my Mom and other loved ones, days where I may be questioning my own faith or my own worthiness. For my Mom, her church is where she met with her Lord. It was where she found peace and forgiveness when she felt or thought the rest of her life wasn’t quite as peaceful. Her church home was where the Lord met her to take her to be with him. I am thankful that she passed on to me the importance of having a church home, and that one day I too may walk through its doors into my heavenly home.



So with Mother’s Day right around the corner, reflect on those major things in your life that your Mom has passed on to you through her words, but even more so through her actions, especially as they relate to her relationship with her Lord. Then take time this Mother’s day to tell her you love her, and spend time with her if you can, while you still can. Let all those little things she does that annoy you melt away, because when she’s gone, you’ll miss that she’s not there doing those exact things that have annoyed you all these years…like cleaning the oven at the most inappropriate times… Boy do I miss that! Happy Mother’s day, Mom! I love you!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank-you for the women in my life that have guided, corrected, and supported me. Be with them and stir their hearts to know how much they are loved and appreciated. Thank-you for my Mom! She’s not perfect but she’s mine and together we are loved by you. Help me to be whom I need to be for her on your behalf. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN (p.s. For those of us whose Moms are with you, can you say ‘hi’ to them for us, please.)



Reflection: Take time to call or visit your Mom over the next couple weeks. Be patient and gracious towards her. Lay aside any annoyances you may encounter and simply enjoy the memories you are making with her. There is no one else in all the world with whom she would rather spend time.

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