Sneak peek to what’s ahead…

Good Day friends! I pray your month of August went well and that your week ahead unfolds according to his will.

As I mentioned at the start of August, I was taking the month of August as a Sabbath-Rest to focus on my own stewardship to my community, church and CoffeeTime. Well, I am excited to share that I will be changing things up for my weekly posts.

The first Monday of every month I will post a devotion on a particular theme. The theme of the devotion will be the theme for the month. For the remainder of the Mondays, I will post scripture in the form of what I like to call ScriptPics – pictures with scripture imbedded on them- along with a few sentences of encouragement or guidance to help you grow further in God’s word for you as you reflect on and incorporate that particular theme in your life over the month.

Ready, Set, Go! will be the outline for the remainder weeks of the month, following the devotion at the start of the month. The second Monday will be to help ready ourselves with regards to the theme with scripture and the help of the Holy Spirit, the third week we will set our minds on what God has called us to be within the theme, and the fourth week we will go with an action to incorporate it into our lives.

It is my hope that we can grow more in His likeness by not rushing through the devotions and jumping around from one theme to another, but study, reflect, and incoroporate God’s word in our lives. I hope you will continue to join me. Also, if you have something on your mind or have an idea for a monthly theme, I’d love to hear from you.

On a side note: I created ScriptPics back at the start of the pandemic and posted them on my facebook and instagram pages. People seemed to enjoy them and found encouragement in them, so I thought they’d be a fun addition to my posts.

God’s continued blessings to you this week ahead and I look forward to our CoffeeTime together next week. In His love and mine, Brenda

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