Resolving to Remember

Epiphany greetings friends!

I hope your January was a month of joy and peace, grace and mercy as you rested in God’s love for you through Jesus our Saviour.

It’s so great to be with you. Let’s fill up our mugs and enjoy this time together.

In His love and mine,

Brenda Ryan

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

Do you have bins of old photo albums from decades ago? If you are like me, you also have inherited bins from parents or other close family members when they died. So many bins!

On the other hand, now-a-days we are privileged to take photos every second of every day; capturing every precious moment and storing them all on one little usb stick. What a space saver! However, the problem with these photos is, we never get to see them. Once they’re downloaded onto a usb or hard drive, who takes the time to find them and leisurely wade through them all? Our memories are lost in the abyss of multitudes of files. So disheartening.

Well this year, I had had enough! I wanted to remember 2021 and to reminisce over the events of my loved ones. So, I decided to create an annual photo book. Throughout January I gathered all the special events and memories through the 2021 photos on my phone and created a printed photo book. That compact little book is so easy to grab and begin a time of remembering. I love to be reminded of how the kids and grandchildren have grown and changed, of the special events and precious family memories that God has blessed me with throughout the year, throughout my life. Oh how I love to view the photo book to help me reminisce and give thanks.

Thanks be to God that He doesn’t need any reminder of events of the past or what His children were like years ago. In fact, He knows each and every moment of each and every child’s life – of yours and mine, fully. Yes, even though I know him only a little bit right now as I walk this earth, I have always been fully known by Him. We all have. Although this can be a scary thought with all our selfish deeds, hurtful words, and sinful thoughts, there is comfort in knowing that there is nothing we can hide from him and nothing He isn’t waiting to forgive in the name of Jesus, as we lay those sins before Him in humility and repentance.

Yes, God knows our weaknesses. He understands our limitations, our forgetfulness, and he has provided a means to help us know and remember Him. Just like my photo book, God too has given us a book. His Book not only helps us be reminded of his love for us, but through it, His Word becomes alive in our hearts, by the power of His Holy Spirit – more alive than any memory that any photo could trigger.

So during this epiphany season while God Himself – in the flesh- went to weddings, walked on water, healed the sick, and raised the dead, may you take the time to view God’s Book, be reminded of all He has done because of His love for you, and give thanks!

Dear Jesus, as I reminisce over photos of my loved ones, may I be reminded that Your love is the greatest love ever. Please help me to take the time to open Your Book – The Bible- and to reminisce over your acts of love and sacrifice on my behalf throughout your earthly days! In your name I pray. AMEN!

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