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Welcome… to this time and space where I hope you are able to find encouragement and support in your life as a sister-in-Christ. We – as employees, bosses, daughters, moms, church leaders, etc- can be pulled in so many directions with all our life responsibilities. God does not desire us to be stressed out children, but to be at peace in Him. But how? Where’s the peace? Where’s the balance? It is my desire to share God’s word of life and renewal, as well as, words of encouragement, life lessons, faith stories, and simple tricks I’ve experience over the years.

I am married and a mother of three adult children and grandmother. I am currently a teacher for our school board’s Adult Education Program and attend a little mission congregation. In 2000, I became a Director of Parish Service for Lutheran Church Canada, and from 2000-2008, I served a Lutheran congregation as a deaconess. During those years of full-time service, I fell head-over-heels in love with serving the members and encouraging them in their faith life and in their service of the congregation. After stepping down from this solemn appointment, I have deeply missed these opportunities to share God’s love and to be blessed by receiving others’ faith stories.

Besides serving in my current congregation, I participate in a local, Christian multi-denominational community women’s Bible Study where we support and encourage each other in our daily Christian walk through the study of God’s Word and fellowship. Through my time with these gals, God has impressed on my heart a desire to reach out to the women beyond our local community, who may be needing support in their Christian walk.


It is my hope that this space and our time together is an extension of the one-on-one visits I so thoroughly enjoyed with my sisters-in-Christ over a cup of coffee, where we can chat and visit, share and be encouraged, in all aspects of our lives. So, grab a beverage and a comfy chair and let’s share! It is my purpose and prayer that God bless our time together.

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