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Wow! I have a feeling diving into His word first thing everyday is going to change my life.  I’m so thankful for this book you have written Bren! ♥️ RR

My husband and I both have read the Bible before but I like the layout of yours.1) I like to read the POI before I start to read so I can be on the look out for the points. 2) I like using days rather than dates. That way you can start any time and read as much or as little as you want without a time constraint. Good work, Brenda! JM

Thank you my friend for sharing your talents. God has blessed you to spread and teach his word! It will be so wonderful for this book to fall into hands of someone who is just starting their faith journey. You might never know the impact your book will have this side of heaven! ♥️ MAC

highly recommend this book and journey of faith through the Bible. I am one of those people who was ready and eager to read the Bible. But was often overwhelmed and didn’t quite understand what I was reading. I would get lost in the OT and could never really connect the dots. Last year, I read this devotional while it was in the making and am now reading it again. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Bible with this very helpful resource by my side. I ponder the points Brenda makes but now, I also keep a journal on each page of what i feel God speaks to me. Through this exercise, i have become more sensitive to God’s Word and how it applies to my life. I look forward to reading the Bible again and again and being able to look back over my notes and see how Ive grown, but more importantly I can see God’s Handprint throughout all of time from Genesis to Revelation and through it all, His Love for me. Amazon Customer

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