Have a question or a POI to share?

Reading Journey Through The Bible and have a question or a POI (Point of Interest) to share? If you have a question, you’re not alone. Post it and let’s work through it together. Here are a few questions I’ve received and responded to so far. I hope you find them helpful.

Day 1 Question: Okay so God created all of these things but who created God? Where did He come from?

Answer: It’s one of those things that’s hard to get our head around, and where faith comes into play. You see, God always was. He always existed, but Earth didn’t. I think about it like he- the Trinity- is in Heaven with the angels, and he gets bored, if God got bored, and he wants to create a beautiful creation. So he creates the galaxies and Earth, all of our creation and humans- us, you and me, his prize creation, whom he loves so much.

Day 1 Question: I’ve heard of that verse about a saviour before, but I don’t understand it. Who is who in Genesis 3:15:  And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.

Answer: God is talking to Satan. 1. There will be enmity- hostility, animosity- between the woman and the serpent- Satan. 2. Satan will strike the Saviour’s – Jesus’ – heel, meaning Satan will cause Jesus pain. 3. However, Eve’s offspring, Jesus, will crush Satan’s head. Jesus will give Satan a fatal blow. Jesus will have victory over Satan and the sin and death that was born from him.

Day 3 Question: Why did Noah curse his son, Ham, after he saw him naked?

Answer: I believe Ham disrespected his father. I always think of it as if Ham made fun of Noah. After seeing Noah naked, Ham went to his brothers and said, “Hey guys, did you see Dad? He’s in his tent passed out naked.” Whereas the other sons, Shem and Japheth, took care of covering him and not letting Noah be disgraced.

Day 4 Question: How did the people live for so many 100’s of years back then? How is that possible?

Answer: I know eh?!? It’s crazy how long they lived. God does shorten our days to 120 years, eventually, as in Genesis 6:3. However, I believe he does reduce that again to 70-80 years later on too. I just can’t find that verse right now. If anyone knows where that is off hand, please comment.

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